Elite Warm Roofs are the region’s favourite retailers and installers of the Fully Accredited Warm Roof Pro the most lightweight tiled conservatory roof

An Elite Warm Roof eliminates heat loss during the winter keeping your conservatory warm
An Elite Warm Roof eliminates heat build up during the summer keeping your conservatory cool
An Elite Warm Roof significantly lower energy bills
An Elite Warm Roof eliminates noise nuisance from rain and sleet
An Elite Warm Roof adds genuine value to your home
Creating a modern usable space you will fall in love with…

Do you have a conservatory that you wish you could use all year round?

Many people can’t enjoy their conservatory in summer because it’s just too hot and in winter, it’s far too cold, what a nightmare! By replacing the current roof with a thermally efficient, fully insulated Warm Roof PRO, your conservatory will instantly become a comfortable, quiet and enjoyable living space that you can use every single day – whatever the weather or temperature.

We are your local Warm Roof PRO experts and our installation teams will transform your conservatory and turn it into a delightful home extension which you’ll be able to enjoy every season come rain or shine. Sit back and relax in the room you always wanted.
The lightweight, energy efficient Warm Roof PRO system was designed and developed over a five year period with one purpose – to replace the typical glass or polycarbonate roof that was used in the construction of most UK conservatories.

Consider the Benefits Of a Warm Roof Pro
from Elite Warm Roofs

Manufactured In Our Own Modern Local Factory, Each Individual Roof Is Made To Measure and Professionally Surveyed
Suitable For All Conservatory Designs And Sizes
Widest Choice Of Slates and Tiles – Colours and Finishes
Options For Roof Windows (small, medium or large)
Options For Internal Pelmet Led Lighting
Professionally Plastered and Skimmed Internal Finish
Constructed With Roofing Timbers and Energy Efficient Sip Panels
Full 10 Year Insurance Backed Guarantee and 40 Year Product Warranty
Installed Within 3-4 Days By Our Own Trained Craftsmen
Certass Approved Company, JHAI Approved Roof System, Fully Building Control Compliant
Professional Customer Care and After Sales
The Most Lightweight, Thermally Insulated, Energy Efficient Roof On The Market

Conservatory owners may have a number of issues that limits the amount of time they are able to enjoy their rooms each year.


A conservatory with a Polycarbonate or a glass roof can suffer:

Extremely Cold In The Winter
Unbearably Hot In The Summer
Very Noisy Every Time It Rains or Sleets
Subject To Blinding Sun Glare
Difficult To Keep Clean
Costly To Heat In The Winter Or Air Condition In Summer
Unsuitable To Keep Pets In For Any Length Of Time
Unsuitable For Many Types Of Furniture Due To Sun Bleaching

What Makes The Warm Roof Pro
Stand Out From The Crowd

Fully JHAI Approved Conservatory Roof System, Building Control Compliant
Every Roof Is Put Together In Our Modern Factory To Ensure Quality
The Most Eco Friendly And Lightweight Roof System Constructed Of Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs) Available On The Market
Widest Possible Choice Of Tile And Slate, Finishes And Colours
100% Customer Satisfaction From Order Through To Installation And Beyond
A ‘U’ Value Of 0.15 W/m² K, The Most Thermally Efficient Tiled Conservatory Roof In The UK…

Some Great Reasons Why We Use Sustainable Timber


Timber has always been used in construction. But with growing concern about global deforestation – should you still use it? The short answer is yes – as long as it’s sustainable.

Minimal Processing

Timber only needs minimal processing. This gives it the lowest embodied energy of any mainstream building material. Vastly lower than steel, concrete or aluminium.
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Truly Renewable

As a renewable material, timber really does grow on trees. A tree reaches harvest size in 25-80 years, while materials for bricks, steel and plastics are essentially finite. Timber can also be salvaged and re- used, or safely burnt or composted.

Managed Woodland

Woodlands are priceless habitats for wildlife – including many endangered species. The more popular sustainable timber is, the more sustainable managed woodland there will be.

Some Great Reasons We Use Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs)

Environmentally Friendly

Jointing systems of SIPs allow for superior air tightness to alternative methods, this results in a significant amount of additional heat being kept within the contribution.


Financial benefits associated with structural insulated panels done just stop at saved labor, in fact they continue to save on your bills way after your initial build.

Structurally Superior

SIP panels are structurally superior to traditional wooden framing – stronger and less susceptible to shifting.
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Quicker too Construct

The build time can be dramatically reduced due to the ability of fabrication in a factory, which allows us to construct the roof itself off site minimizing the time we are on site for, your roof can be watertight within 3 hours.

Freedom of Design

As SIPs are very versatile and strong this allows for more freedom in design, ensuring that you have as much ceiling space as possible reducing the need for bulky structures for your roofs construction.

Some Great Reasons We Use Tapco Tiles

Maintenance Free

Compared to traditional slate Tapco Tiles are lightweight and less susceptible to damage meaning the need for maintenance is dramatically reduced.


From only 12 kgs/sqm, Tapco Tiles are half the weight of traditional slates which means that the Warm Roof Pro the most lightweight system on the market.

Range of Colours

Available in a range of colour options, Tapco gives you a classic look with modern roof protection. Each tile is UV stabilized so it will keep its colour for years to come.
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Fully Tested

Tapco is fully tested to BBA, ETA and CE standards including fire rate, wind, driven snow & rain, and water absorbent which are also made from recyclable virgin limstone and polypropylene.

Fully Guaranteed

Tapco comes as standard with a 40 year manufacturers guarantee so if anything were to happen with the tiles you can rest in ease as they are fully guaranteed.

Great Reasons To Choose Elite Warm Roofs


Our fully comprehensive guarantees are further underwritten by our QANW insurance backed guarantee.

System Approvals

Our accreditation’s includes being members of CERTASS and having JHAI SYSTEM APPROVAL.

Fully Inspected & Certified

Every tiled roof that we expertly install is fully inspected, certified and approved by JHAI building control inspectors.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Recorded on all Warm Roof Pro installations. You can rely on our outstanding reputation.

The Warm Roof Pro is a, Fully Tested and Accredited,
Conservatory Roofing System

Wind Stress Test

Independent wind testing has approved the Warm Roof Pro with wind speeds of over 130 miles per hour, the equivalent of a hurricane, there were no dislodged tiles or water ingress.


A full condensation analysis report was produced with the Warm Roof PRO achieving outstanding results, far in excess of building regulation requirements.
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Weight and Stress Test

Our 6m x 6m roof was loaded with 3,675 Kg, 525 Kg more than required for British Standards.

Heat Loss

Conservatory components exhibit different abilities in being able to resist the transference of heat energy. To calculate the overall heat loss of a conservatory roof system is a specialist operation, and considers the areas of each different material and their u-values. The Warm Roof Pro conservatory roof system installed by Elite Warm Roofs achieves the outstanding overall ‘U’ Value of 0.15 Wm2K

Certass Certified

  • Member companies are assessed inline with the standards laid down in EN17065 and specific license requirements of MHCLG, TrustMark, PAS2030 or Certass. This means that Certass financially and technically assesses its members to ensure they meet required standards.
  • Provision and maintenance of a suitable level of management systems, processes, consumer financial protection, and trained site operatives to meet the MHCLG Conditions of Authorisation.
  • Provision and maintenance of a suitable level of management systems, processes and workmanship standards to meet the CQ-Assured scheme requirements.   
Certass operate the only government approved accreditation scheme that covers replacement conservatory roofs…

Tile & Slate

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