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We get asked a lot of questions and here are some of the common ones

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The price of a tiled conservatory roof is dependant on a number of contributing factors, including the size of your conservatory, and choice of tile. Use our instant online quotation to get a free, no obligation quotation.

Elite Conservatory Warm Roof’s have no sale’s people, which allows us to pass on these savings to our customers. By keeping our running costs to the minimum, we offer unbeatable value. We also provide a no-hassle sales approach with no high pressure sales - just FREE, no obligation quotations and specialist guidance to help you determine whether a Warm Roof Pro tiled conservatory roof is the right investment for you.
If you do decide to change your conservatory from a glass / polycarb roof to a Warm Roof Pro, your new roof will be insulated to Building Control approval which in turn will cut down hugely on your heating bills.

Absolutely. The metrotile that we use with the Warm Roof Pro comes with a 40 year guarantee. The Tapco tile comes with a 50 year guarantee We will back this up with our own 10 year insurance backed guarantee from HomePro Insurance. The guarantee covers both our workmanship, and all of the materials used.

The Warm Roof Pro system is designed to replace the existing glass or polycarbonate roof of a conservatory while retaining the original windows, doors, frames, and walls. We will be able to fit a Warm Roof Pro to most existing conservatories without affecting the original structure.

A conservatory roof replacement job should take no longer than 4 working days, and on a new build no longer than 2 weeks.

Absolutely not. Our professional dedicated Warm Roof Pro fitters will arrive promptly on site and ensure minimal disruption throughout the installation process. Boards and covers will be put down and we will take care of the removal of any rubbish. We will dispose of your old conservatory roof in an environmentally friendly way.

Due to the thickness of insulation and the tiles, one of the great benefits of the Warm Roof Pro System is that you will not hear any noise from the outside elements like you would with a conventional conservatory roof systems such as polycarbonate or glass.

U-values, measure how effective a material is an insulator. The lower the U-value is, the better the material is as a heat insulator. Therefore a Warm Roof Pro with a U-Value as low as 0.15, can keep out the cold, retain the warmth and help cut down on heating bills.
A Guardian roof 0.18, Supalite 0.18, Ultraframe Garden Room 0.17, Eurocell Equinox 0.18, WARM ROOF PRO 0.15

The smooth finish of painted interior plasterboard on your Warm Roof Pro will reflect light inside the conservatory, maximising its brightness by allowing as much light to be bounced around the room as possible. You will lose a small amount of light as opposed to a glass or poly roof, but your conservatory will still get a lot of light from the windows. You also have the option of adding roof windows, or have a Hybrid roof, with glass set into the tiled roof. Using Clear/Neutral Pilkington Suncool™ 30/16 with a U value of .18

Typically not, however you can rest assured that Elite Conservatory Warm Roof’s will provide guidance, and assistance in dealing with all matters relating to planning permission, and building control if necessary.

It's simple - we searched the industry high and low and after much research, our roofing experts concluded that the Warm Roof Pro is the best tiled conservatory roof on the market! The Warm Roof Pro is currently the only solid conservatory roof system GUARANTEED to give a U-Value of 0.15. Fully tested and approved to all thermal and structural standards, the Warm Roof Pro is a high performance insulated roof system comprising of a pre-engineered lightweight SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels), internally insulated plasterboard, vapour membrane above, and a great choice of external tile finishes to match any existing roof colours, ensuring a seamless and beautiful installation. There is no aluminium frame work to conduct any thermal bridging causing

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